Hearty, tasty dishes and an amazing vibe, this is what Tendril Bistro and Bar in Putney is all about. The founder of Tendril, Chef Rishim Sachdeva loves animals and adores vegetables, hence why he chooses not to offer any meat-based products at his establishment. Tendril is the result of the coiling and uncoiling of Chef Rishim Sachdeva’s myriad of experiences and travels across the globe. He has always had the passion of working with seasonal produce, fresh flavours and creative techniques.


At Tendril, they believe that Mother Nature has provided us with a simple, elegant food chain, and we as humans need to respect that. Enough of being selfish and greedy, future generations need our support.


Serving mainly vegan dishes, spicy herbs, hearty vegetables, nuts and seeds take centre stage at Tendril. The idea is to extract the best flavours and textures from those ingredients and celebrate them, instead of making vegetables or grains taste like mock meat. Tendril also prides themselves on using no preservatives in their dishes and work with many small, local, artisanal British food producers.


Tendril’s menu features a delicious range of vegan dishes including Fig Tartine, Ratatouille with scrumptious crunchy bread, smashed avocado and asparagus on toast and slow-roasted tomatoes with peppers. They also offer a range of vegan cakes such as cranberry orange, strawberry cheesecake and carrot cake with tahini frosting.


The next time you’re out in Putney looking for a healthy and satisfying lunch, be sure to visit Tendril Bistro and Bar for simple, tasty, banging flavours.

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