The Dutch Weed Burger Joint welcomes you to the new paradigm, where life is lived and food is grown, not born. The Burger Joint was established in 2017 and brings ‘fun’ back into fundamentalism by serving up guilt-free, delicious food.


The Dutch Weed Burger Joint serves the Dutch Weed Burger, one of the best burgers ever made for the planet, on the planet. It’s made using a protein-packed beans, organic Kombu and served on a green weed bun. One of the key ingredients in the burger is seaweed, which brings out an unusual yet delicious taste.


Other items on the menu include the Dutch weed dog, magic mushroom burgers, wish n chips and crunchy sea nuggets. The burger joint also serves sWeeds, (100% vegan sweets) including chocolate brownies, strawberry cheesecake and algae green tompouces.


They also offer some tasty drinks including plant-based milkshakes (mylkshakes) sodas, hot drinks, as well as a variety of vegan beers and wines.


Bringing Positive Change:


Although the restaurant serves vegan fast food, the ambition of The Dutch Weed Burger is to create a paradigm shift where plant-based is the new norm. ‘Serving positive change’ is their motto, and through their street food concept, everyone can access their plant-based kitchen and trial tasty vegan fast food.


The Dutch Weed Burger Joint isn’t only for vegans and vegetarians, anyone who loves good food is welcome. Situated in Amsterdam’s Old West, get down there now for plant-based comfort food like no other.

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  • 26th January 2020 3:46 pm local time

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