Welcome to the Temple of Seitan. With stores in both Hackney and Camden, this ‘vegan chicken shop’ is a crowd-pleasing treat that even the most objectionable carnivore will find devilishly delicious.


All the vegan fast food at the Temple of Seitan is made with exactly that – Seitan (pronounced ‘say-tan’) a vegan meat substitute made from wheat. Their menu includes a delicious variety of burgers such as the spicy temple burger, Nashville hot burger, vegan bbq bacon burger as well as a range of chicken style nuggets and fillets. They also offer vegan sides such as vegan mac n cheese nuts, coleslaw, popcorn bites and fries.


Their chicken style nuggets is the stuff of dreams for any vegan looking for a greasy treat. Also made using seitan the batter is light and salty, perfectly hitting the spot with herbivores and carnivores alike.


The temple of Seitan doesn’t profess to offer the healthiest junk food, that’s not what they’re about. They provide vegans the satisfying feeling of a tasty AF meal that will leave you feeling full, slightly greasy and satisfied.


With restaurants in both Camden and Hackney, get down to the Temple of Seitan now for a vegan fast food experience like no other.

Open hours today: 11:00 am - 9:00 pm
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  • 18th February 2020 12:57 pm local time

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