Welcome to Not Dogs, created by friends Katie and Jane. After feeling most dissatisfied with the meat-free options available in Birmingham, they decided to take matters into their own hands and experiment with some funky, fresh and flavourful meat-free items.


They started off in Muddy Festival fields serving their original ‘Not dogs’ as they call them, and after slowly gathering a loyal following, opened their very first store in 2016.


Not Dogs are on a mission to make fast food meat free and be the first to respond to that ever-growing call for meatless and environmentally friendly fast food. They aim to make traditional, boring and unhealthy fast food a thing of the past by promoting forward-thinking meat-free alternative dishes that are simply delicious.


Not Dogs hope to make better fast food for the planet and strive to reduce people’s consumption of unhealthy processed meat. They also endeavour to reduce their carbon footprint and combat climate change by making sure that everything they do and sell is environmentally friendly.


​Each menu item is crafted with taste in mind. They carefully select their meat-free alternatives, whilst ensuring a unique combination of toppings and sauces are applied to excite the taste buds and satisfy the stomach.


Not Dogs offer a delicious variety of exciting meat free hot dogs, burgers and sides, as well as not pots. Not Pots are bowls of fluffy rice smothered with your choice of filling, including varietals of chilli Quorn cha-cha, tikka masala or even shredded hoisin no duck.


All their meals are either vegetarian, vegan or can be made vegan on request.  Be sure to support Not Dogs when next in and around Birmingham.

Open hours today: 11:00 am - 7:00 pm
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