To understand what De Peper is about, one must go back in time and look at their roots.


Usually called ‘The Pepper’ by those English faring folks, De Peper originates from the Silo squat Kroeg.  Historically, the Silo and its cafe-bar were incredibly famous for creativity and ingenuity, but the city chose to destroy this lively part of Amsterdam.


After the Silo squat was evicted, the community running the kitchen kept the project going, and 15 years later they’re still cooking delicious vegan food and hosting amazing events in the city of Amsterdam.


The kitchen is run on a volunteer basis by activists and creatives, generally people that have no kitchen of their own or can’t afford to dine at expensive restaurants (mainly artists, activists, and migrants.)


Also, people that have trouble with dietary requirements such as those wanting organic, vegan, halal/ kosher, sugar-free/ gluten-free meals can find refuge at De Peper. What’s more, De Peper host many planned and unplanned creative performances and events which are even sometimes socio-political by nature.


De Peper advocate 100% organic, vegan food and are a zero profit collective. They endeavour to offer healthy and creative food at a low cost and are not tolerant of violence or discrimination of any kind.


They’re also incredibly open to take on board any new initiatives of a healthy nature.


De Peper volunteer collective, whose members have changed over time, strive to keep the creative aspirations of the political, historical past alive (as a priority) despite its constantly changing financial and geographical position.

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