Welcome to Fashion-Conscience, supplier of stylish and ethical vegan clothing throughout the UK. Their clothing range is aimed at conscience, fashion forward females who want to change the world by making ethical choices.

Fashion-Conscience was born out of many sleepless nights worrying about climate change and workers’ rights in India. After sourcing ethical deign talent in countries such as USA, Canada, Denmark, Sweden, Brazil and the UK, Fashion-Conscience found the right mix of like-minded individuals to design their amazing vegan clothing range.

Going forward they’ll be growing their vegan clothing collections to embrace the ever growing number of new designers who are becoming ethical fashionistas.

Fashion-conscience mainly sell their vegan clothing online so that people who don’t live in the UK can also have access to their ethical range. Not only are Fashion-conscience passionate about animal cruelty free products, they also advocate tackling the landfill issue in the UK. As over 1 million tonnes of textiles end up in a landfill every year, it’s important to reduce this waste in one’s own country. Some of Fashion-conscience brands, such as ReLUXE make clothing out of recycled materials and fabrics, thus reducing waste

Browse Fashion Consciences diverse range of vegan clothing, bags, shoes and accessories for real fashion forward, ethical wear.

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