GreenBay Supermarket are on a mission, a mission to change the world for the better. Their aim is to make vegan ‘the new normal’ by providing customers with a new, easy and convenient way to shop for vegan foods.

Imagine this hypothetical situation: Walking into a store or visiting one online to shop for food, and then all of a sudden, you realise everything is vegan! Crazy right? Well no, that’s exactly what GreenBay Supermarket is all about.

GreenBay Supermarket stock everything from vegan meats, butters, tinned foods and plant-based milk to a selection of over 90 dairy-free cheeses.

They have both a physical store in Hammersmith as well as an online store - and provide everything that a conversional store does, just without the animal cruelty part.

For those purchasing online they offer next day delivery that’s available carbon-neutral.

GreenBay provide customers delicious fresh foods such as mock meats, mock seafood, dairy free milk, cheese, yogurts and spreads. Their Food cupboard range includes cruelty free cakes, bakes, breakfast foods, sauces, pastas, spices, savoury and sweet snacks, and much more!

They even stock vegan wines, beers and drinks, so every aspect of your vegan journey is covered!

GreenBay Supermarket also offer a wonderful range of vegan health and beauty products plus household detergents that have not been tested on animals.

Their physical store is located in Hammersmith, and their friendly and knowledgeable staff are always on hand to help should you wish to visit their establishment. Should you not be able to get out first hand, you can purchase their vegan range online for UK wide delivery.

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