Vegan’s Rejoice At Las Iguana’s

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On a stroll through Southbank in London, myself, my husband and my folks were feeling rather peckish and opted for the delicious Latin American taste of Las Iguanas. 

As a vegan (of course) dining as such establishments is often disconcerting as the menu varieties are usually rather selective and small for us plant-based kind. 

Nevertheless, as my folks had never visited the establishment, we decided to give it a go so they could experience some true Latino culture. 

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that not only do they still have their buy one cocktail, get one free special available, but they even had a full vegan and vegetarian friendly menu just for me!

What’s more, they even provided a vegan wine list at the back.

So after downing a devilishly delicious Margarita it was down to business, what to eat?

Now this was no easy feat to decide as they offered a selection of tapas and main meals from Brazil, Argentina Peru and Mexico.

After googling images of the Las Iguanas vegan meals, I eventually opted for the Mushroom Fajita stack, and my oh my, was I in for a treat.

The mushrooms were simply delicious, the veg cooked to perfection and the fajita’s, melt like vegan cream cheese in your mouth.

The dish was constructed with each element on its own plate,  stacked ontop of one another, with the condiments (including vegan cheese) sat at the bottom.

My Thoughts:

The vegan and vegetarian options (some veggie options could also be made vegan) available at Las Iguanas are out of this world and I will most certainly be back to trial a few more dishes. 

Coupled with buy one get one free cocktails, how can you go wrong?

Las Iguanas vegan meal
Las Iguanas vegan cocktails
Las Iguanas vegan condiments with vegan cheese
Las Iguanas vegan and Vegetarian Menu
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