The Gate Marylebone Review

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Dining at a Vegetarian restaurant, especially one as trendy as The Gate in Marylebone is always a special occasion. With simple décor, wooden floors, perfectly placed greenery and an open plan setting this restaurant has chic down to a tee.

But such style comes with a hefty price as their food is not cheap by any means. Of course this is no surprise for such an establishment being as close to Marble Arch as they are.  Two, two course meals, a bottle of wine, some beers and service charge is easily a £100+ affair, but that’s expected, after all this isn’t a restaurant one would dine at every day.

The menu at the Gate Marylebone is one page which allows perfection for their small selection of meals instead of providing a wide range of mediocre fare that generally comes with larger menus.

Their Cripsy Marinated Tofu starter, delicious on its bed of quinoa, avocado & tomato salsa, was disappointingly small, much to the contrast of the Wild Mushroom Wellington which was equally as good, but more of a satisfyingly sized portion.

The mains were surprising large in contrast to the size of the Tofu starter. Their mouth-watering tortillas filled with varied vegetables, black beans and sour cream (add a side of polenta chips) was a challenge to finish and the Red Thai Curry with tofu was delicious and creamy, although not something to rival an authentic Thai establishment.   

Despite the food, staff were friendly and attentive (a bit too much so) but that’s what you get when you go for an early dinner and are the only serviceable table. But by the end of the evening, this elegant eatery was buzzing with patrons all enjoying a delicious meal.

The Gate Marlyebone is well worth a visit and a great place to enjoy chic, ethical food at its best.

Tofu Starter marinated in maple syrup & soy sauce with a quinoa, avocado & tomato salsa, coriander & lemon dressing
The Gate Mushroom Wellington with creamy chipotle sauce, wilted spinach
Thai Red Curry spiced coconut curry with tofu, sweet potato, shiitake mushroom, okra, baby corn, plantain & sticky rice
Tortillas filled with sweet potato, corn, coriander, spring onion, & chilli
Chunky herb polenta chips with garlic aioli
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