David Bann Restaurant Review

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When we visited Scotland, one of the first things on my list was to trial the vegan food options, and the starting point, the infamous David Bann restaurant.

After spending much time researching and finding out more about their menu, myself and my husband set off on our adventure. David Bann is situated in trendy old town. A larger than average restaurant, I disappointingly found the décor somewhat lacking, and the service somewhat cold.

Nevertheless, we started off with a margarita cocktail each, which I must say was absolutely delicious. I opted for extra chilli in mine, and I wasn’t disappointed.

For starters, we shared their aubergine, chickpea and cashew kofta, which resembled more of strange sausages than anything else. It was served with banana chutney and plum dressing. It was ok, 3 pieces of sausage looking kofta, all very tasty, but nothing to what I am used to.

aubergine, chickpea and cashew kofta
Aubergine, chickpea and cashew kofta

For mains, my husband had the mushroom, goats cheese and heather ale strudel, whilst I opted for the roasted cauliflower, potato and chickpea curry. Both our dishes were tasty enough, but somewhat lacking in the portion size. I could see my other half scraping the bottom of his bowl after gulping down his strudel and polenta chips, and I could’ve really done with more flatbread and curry, double the portion would have sufficed! 

Although the experience wasn’t bad, it wasn’t amazing either and I couldn’t help feeling a bit disappointed in the meal. Even a bit cheated in that the portion sizes were dismal, and considering both our mains  were nearly £14 each they could have been slightly more generous.

Perhaps my expectations were too high, or I was expecting too much from David Bann?

In any case, this hasn’t deterred me on my quest to seek vegan perfection,  and I will continue to search for and find the best plant-based dishes and eateries available in Scotland.

Chickpea, potato, cauliflower curry
mushroom, goats cheese and heather ale strudel
Mushroom, goats cheese and heather ale strudel
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