Yes, Dairy Milk Is Bad For You

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Humans are the only animals on the planet that drink the milk of other animals. The rate and quantities at which we’re consuming these products is becoming increasingly unsustainable as our population continues to grow. Despite the ethical reasons for not consuming milk and other dairy products, there are strong health reasons as well. 

Quantity of salt

When cheese can contain up to 400 mg of sodium per ounce, just a small indulgence means you’ve already had ¼ of your daily recommended intake of salt. The amount of sodium in cheese varietals such as Edam, Haloumi and Feta is astounding, in fact being saltier than sea water.

Antibiotic overload

Dairy cows are pumped with antibiotics so they can stay alive in filthy, overcrowded conditions to produce milk. As what goes into them inherently goes into us means we too are consuming these antibiotics. This has given rise to antibiotic resistant bacteria and superbugs, and when humans are infected with these bacteria, antibiotics are becoming less and less effective.  

Cancer causing

According to studies from a clinical trial dairy milk has been linked to prostate cancer in men. In a separate study conducted in Sweden, women who consumed more than 4 servings of dairy products per day have a serious risk of ovarian cancer.

Rising Cholesterol

When a single serving of milk contains up to 24mg of cholesterol, it’s no surprise how the rate of heart disease and diabetes has skyrocketed over the years as our consumption of dairy increases. Plant based milk contains no cholesterol and is a much healthier alternative.

Milk Is bad for you - drink almond milk instead

Weight Gain

Drinking Milk seriously packs on the pounds. Cow’s milk is suited to the nutritional needs of calves, who in fact have four stomachs. This milk is meant to nourish animals that weigh upwards of 1,000 pounds (before they are two years old.) No wonder then that human children are packing on the pounds. In a study of 12,000 children, it showed the more milk that they consumed resulted in more weight gain.

Ethical Reasons

For most vegans, the biggest issue with the dairy industry is down to the disgusting and inhumane way these poor animals are treated. A cow’s natural lifespan is 20 years. Dairy cows live for five. Because they are constantly lactating and pregnant, their bodies are completely lame and spent, with their remains being used in soup, ground beef and food for dogs and cats.


The good news is that there are many, much healthier alternative dairy milk options. Almond, Cashew, Soy and Oat Milk are among the most popular and don’t contain any of the harmful additives that come with dairy.

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