Vegan Sunday Roasts

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Sometimes, (ok more like all the time) splurging out on a Sunday is exactly what’s needed to end the week and welcome the next. Often it can be difficult for vegans to find the perfect Sunday roast, particularly at non vegan establishments, the options can be dull or non-existent.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best places for a vegan Sunday roast


As one of London’s oldest vegan and vegetarian restaurants, Manna strive to produce fine food for fine people. Established by vegan executive chef, Robin Swallow Mann, the restaurant is situated in North London and is the epitome of class, inspiration, and cruelty free cuisine. Manna offers everyday specials and a vegan Sunday roast that they have been serving for over a decade. It changes week on week so no Sunday is ever the same.


Café Van Gogh

Another vegan restaurant and not for profit organisation, Café Van Gogh provides the community with ethical food that’s not only cruelty free, but delicious as well. Every Sunday they offer a delicious vegan nut roast for those looking for a delicious indulgence. This nut and butternut squash wellington is served with vegetables, roasted potatoes and delicious vegan gravy. 


The Birds Nest

Although not a vegan or vegetarian pub, The Birds Nest in Deptford produce a few fantastic Sunday roasts for both vegans and vegetarians. They offer a mixed veggie roast, a nut roast and a vegan roast. All their roasts are served with Yorkshire puddings, seasonal vegetables, roast potatoes and homemade gravy.



Finally Mildreds, with branches in Dalston, Camden, Soho and Kings cross all offer delicious vegan Sunday roasts. Their vegan Chick’n roast comes with butternut and lentil stuffing, carrot and swede mash, broccoli, roast potatoes and a delicious white wine gravy.


There you have it, why-not indulge this coming weekend and enjoy a fabulous, meat free vegan roast at one of these fantastic restaurants. 

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