Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to raise their baby vegan

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Say what!! Yes, its apparently true, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are planning to raise their baby vegan #winning!

They are expecting their first child this month in April.

This aligns to the happy couples shift toward eating more wholesome, plant based foods. However, the queen is reportedly not happy about all this (as many other royals do) she is an avid huntsman. Harry, shifting from tradition decided to not take part in his family’s traditional Boxing Day hunt in 2017 due to his wife’s anti-hunting views, and in 2018 he also declined the annual bird shooting expedition.

Megan, now 37 years of age apparently sticks to a vegan diet during the week whilst Harry has been eating less meat. Raising a baby vegan is a just one of their steps to further plant-based living. It’s rumoured that Megan Markle is to give birth at the Mulberry Birth Centre, a facility with various birthing pools, private recovery rooms, and a vegan menu. The couple also opted to use vegan paint to decorate their nursery at their home in Windsor.

Following on this trend, its been reported that Prince Charles is also trying to stay more healthy by eating organic, plant based food and reducing his meat consumption.

As veganism becomes more and more popular, a new study found that one in twelve families in the UK are now choosing to raise their kids vegan. The main reasons cited are that of health and animal welfare.

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