Let there be water, new water fountains announced!

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Great news, the locations of up to 50 new drinking water fountains have been announced in the capital!

This is a major win for the environment as the public are being encouraged to refill their own water bottles instead of buying plastic alternatives. The fountains are said to be installed mainly in train stations, parks, shopping centres and markets. 

These gems are designed to withstand outdoor temperatures and all weather conditions. They’ve been designed with a giant blue water drop on the top of the fountain so that they’re easy to spot.

Thames water have contributed up to 2.5 million to fund the initiative with the mayor, Sadiq Khan funding the rest from cash earmarked for tackling single use plastics.

What’s even better news is that major retailers are also getting on board with this concept. John Lewis are currently in discussion with metal water bottle brand S’well which may lead to water fountains being installed in their London stores citywide.

Furthermore, The Borough Market are to introduce a fourth water fountain as part of their endeavour to become the largest plastic-free food spot in the UK. 

With the current heart wave we’re all experiencing, these new water fountains are a welcome addition to any Londoner’s busy life.

Article sourced from The Guardian. 

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