KFC Vegan Burger Sells Out In Days

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When a brand specifically renowned for its proclivity for poultry enters the vegan market, it’s an undeniable sign that things are changing.

KFC’s vegan burger has finally entered the London market and caused quite a stir for budding non-meat (and meat) enthusiasts.

They have replaced their typical piece of decaying poultry with a plant-based fillet made from Quorn, to make what today’s known as the Imposter burger. Served with fresh lettuce, vegan mayo and a soft bun, this delicious option is rivalling their traditional product range, and even sold out at the trialling outlets in the space of four days. What’s more, KFC have found that sales of the burger are 500% higher than that of their normal burgers.

As the popularity of Veganism grows, so too have the hungry eyes of corporate society. This, for once, is actually a good thing as more companies get on board to offer consumer’s plant-based alternatives to traditional meat-laden products.

Earlier this year Burger King launched their vegan Whopper burger, McDonalds a vegan happy meal, and Gregg’s introduced a new vegan sausage roll that caused quite a stir in the market.

Plans are currently underway to introduce more vegan products into the KFC range, so watch this space!

Concept for article sourced from https://www.independent.co.uk

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