Best Vegan Restaurants In Edinburgh For Holidaymakers

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A trip to Edinburgh is a fun and exciting way to spend any weekend, but dining out as a vegan, in an unknown city can be quite unnerving. Particularly if you have no idea what to expect in terms of the food (vegan haggis, what?)

For this purpose, we have put together a list of our top 5 Vegan restaurants in Edinburgh, so next time you choose to visit the beautiful city, you’ll know exactly where to go.

Henderson’s Vegan Restaurant

Opened in 1962 by husband and wife team, Henderson’s offer delicious, contemporary and wholesome vegan cuisine whilst holding onto their ethos that food should be served fresh, and sourced from local, organic ingredients.

Henderson’s Vegan Restaurant is situated on Thistle Street and is woven into the Edinburgh culture, with lasting relationships with musicians, artists and actors who spend time in the city. Not only is all food 100% vegan, but all wines, beers, cocktails and liquors are as well.

The lunch and dinner menu on offer includes (among many others) Jackfruit, coconut and tomato stew, vegan haggis, Tofu Buddha bowls and delectable cauliflower. 

Henderson’s also host a range of events at their establishments so be sure to check their website for the latest and greatest shows, brunches, jazz nights and more.

See more about Henderson’s here

Hendersons Vegan Food


Holy Cow

Bring your pup along for a real treat at this fabulous vegan café in the heart of the city.

The café is small, situated in a bright, airy basement next to the Edinburgh bus station and use organic products in all their delicious fare. They offer an assortment of burgers, sandwiches, salads, soups, smoothies and a delicious range of cakes (which they are famous for.)  

All their burgers and some of their sandwiches are made with buckwheat bread which is a gluten-free product, suitable for those with intolerances.

Open every day from 10am, they are dog-friendly child-friendly and offer half portions to little ones as well.

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Pumpkin Brown

Another delightful vegan café, Pumpkin Brown is Edinburgh’s freshest vegan café and was established by Amanda Brown. She wanted to establish a place in Edinburgh to demonstrate her passion for delicious, healthy and cruelty-free food, and Pumpkin Brown was born.

Pumpkin Brown offer a variety of tasty meals, but their Dragon fruit Acai bowl is the in-house favourite. This bright dish is made using organic dragon fruit pulp, which is blended with bananas and topped with nuts, seeds, fresh fruit and cacao nibs.

Other breakfasts and meals include porridge, soup of the day, coconut wraps and hummus with tasty bread. They also offer gluten-free options and all meals are free from refined sugar and dairy.

See more about Pumpkin Brown here



Harmonium on Henderson Street in Edinburgh is a cruelty-free bar and kitchen that’s famous for ethical food, great company and drink. Its beautiful interior space is designed according to the rich Leith history that surrounds the area.

All their food is animal free and includes starters of pan-seared king oyster mushrooms, layered cakes and deep fried ‘calamari.’ For mains customers can enjoy ‘chicken’ parmigiana, macaroni and cheese, burgers or ‘beef’ corn tacos. They also provide a range of vegan pizza’s prepared with a light, stone baked sourdough base.

Their vegan desserts include coconut crème brulee, giant chocolate chip cookies and the famous Harmonium Sundae (made with chopped nuts, banana, chocolate sauce and cherries.)

They are also a dog-friendly vegan restaurant so customers are encouraged to bring along their furry family members as well.

See more about Harmonium here


The Lazy Lettuice

If you’re looking for something more on the go, the Lazy Lettuce in Edinburgh is a fine choice. Located in Edinburgh Old Town, the Lazy Lettuce are on a mission to serve the local community the meatiest, non-meat burgers.

They offer the classic ‘Beef’ burger, which contains a Beef-style patty, ‘cheez’, onions, tomatoes, and sauce on a devilishly delicious seeded bun. They also have a ‘Chicken’ burger which contains similar ingredients, just with a chicken-style burger patty. Skinny fries are available as a side, and they also offer a variety of soy milkshakes, including my favorite, the one with peanut butter! 

The Lazy Lettuce believe that if the vegan lifestyle is to make a meaningful impact on the world, it must become mainstream. By providing people with delicious, tasty and familiar food they strive to satisfy people’s desire for meat by providing delicious plant-based alternatives.

See more about The Lazy Lettuce here


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