Are You Celebrating Earth Hour?

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The countdown has begun to Earth Hour, are you taking part this year?

What started as  a symbolic ‘lights out’ in Sydney over ten years ago, Earth Hour has now become one of the largest movements for the environment, inspiring millions to take action for our earth.

This year its will be held on the 30th of March at 8:30PM (in your time zone) and will last exactly one hour.

What is Earth Hour?

Earth hour is all about bringing attention to climate change and conserving energy. Around the world people everywhere are encouraged to switch off lights and other non-essential appliances for one hour in a symbolic attempt to show support for the movement.

It’s no secret we’re are destroying our forests, oceans and killing our wildlife due to the devastation that comes with climate change. Nature needs our support now more than ever.

  • In the UK alone, what we eat has resulted in the extinction of an estimated 33 species both locally and abroad
  • By 2050, its believed that there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish
  • Wildlife population sizes have decreased 60% in under fifty years
  • We lose forests and greenery the size of football pitches every two weeks
  • One out of six species is at risk of extinction due to the harmful effects of climate change

We do need to do more, and much faster. As consumers we have a responsibility to our plant to reduce our waste and  carbon footprint as much as we can. On a global scale we need to switch from fossil fuels to renewable energy and adopt much cleaner living policies.

Each small step toward making a difference counts and Earth Hour is a great place to start. By acknowledging our earth’s problems and performing this small gesture of support is a positive sign.

In 2018, over 10 million in the UK people took part in Earth Hour and the hope is the same turn out will be achieved (or exceeded) this year.

Do join in and support Earth Hour on the 30th of March, this vital cause is in desperate need of a much louder voice.


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