Animal Agriculture Is Killing Our Planet

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Talking about the damaging effects animal agriculture is having on our planet is a taboo subject that most don’t wish to acknowledge or discuss, but it’s about time we start having a lot more serious conversations about it. 

As consumers are more empowered with knowledge these days than ever before, burying ones head in the sand and pretending not to know how animal agriculture is damaging the environment is not an excuse anymore.

According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, raising livestock for human consumption generates a whopping 14.5% of greenhouse gas emissions; which is greater than all transportation systems worldwide combined.

Furthermore, livestock produce 37% of all global methane and 65% of nitrous oxide emissions worldwide. Both of these gases are more damaging than carbon dioxide with methane gas being 28 x times more harmful.

Greenhouse gas Emissions Image 1

We need to eat less meat and dairy and adopt a more plant-based diet to reach our climate goals. When 1kg of beef releases 10-30kg of carbon dioxide, and 1kg of Tofu releases only 1kg, one can start to understand the damaging effect this has when livestock are raised and slaughtered at scale.

Despite the ethical reasons for changing ones diet to a plant based one, studies have shown that adopting a vegetarian or vegan diet can drastically reduce ones risk of getting diseases such as type 2 diabetes, obesity and even cancer. In a mainstream study of over 61,000 people across the UK and New Zealand, vegetarians were found to be 45% less likely to develop blood cancer, and 12% less likely to develop cancer overall.

Consumers today have no good reason to continue to eat meat. In every way, shape and form its damaging toward our planet, ourselves and our fellow animals. We have a moral and ethical responsibility to change the way we behave so that future generations can live in a world not destroyed by our own hands. 

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