All Good News When Going Vegan

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According to the Vegan Society the demand for meat free food has increased over 987% in 2017. That’s a pretty impressive stat by any measure.

Going vegan is said to be the biggest food trend worldwide last year, with the UK launching more vegan products than any other nation.

In the UK 1 in 3 people choose plant based milk over dairy milk and the demand for vegan haggis in Scotland specifically grew exponentially last year.

In 2018 it’s estimated that there were 600,000 vegans in Britain, vs. 150,000 in 2014. Undoubtedly campaigns such as Veganuary have made a positive contribution to encouraging veganism and supporting animal rights.

What’s even better, it’s been found that adopting a plant based diet is good for your wallet too! Those eating meat on average spend £645 more on food per year.

Google Trends

Google Trends shows interest in vegan searches on the rise, peaking in popularity over the end of Dec 2018 – Jan 2019 (in preparation for Veganuary perhaps?)

Google trends graph for the term vegan

Companies are getting on board

As people are turning toward a plant-based diet, companies are doing their part to get in on the action.

Danone is said to have spent over $60 million investing in dairy-free products, and popular ice cream makers, Ben & Jerry’s also offer cruelty free ice cream. Even McDonalds now provides vegan options at all their outlets.

All these small changes are positive steps in the right direction, and also show retailers that there is a lot of money to be made in this relatively new and untapped market.

Vegan Food Should Be Law

A petition with over 1,000 names has been handed over to the National Assembly, calling for at least one vegan option to be included on every daily menu at schools and hospitals around the UK.

Where plant based food at government institutions is often lacking, Lesly Griffiths, the minister of rural affairs said that most institutions need to be more mindful of their customer’s needs.

The matter is currently under consideration.

Source: Vegan Society and

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