The Third estate is an animal cruelty-free brick and mortar store in the heart of Camden. Established back in 2005 in Leeds, the owners relocated to London and launched their vegan clothing store in 2012.


Their aim is to sell great products free of any animal ingredients and work with ethically-minded brands both locally and internationally. Their clothing meets high social, labour and environmental standards as well.


The Third Estate stock men's and women’s clothing, footwear, accessories and shoes and although it’s possible to order their vegan clothing online, they encourage customers to come in store and see the products for themselves.


The brands they stock are all animal cruelty-free and include Swedish Stockings, Jonny’s Vegan, Vegetarian Shoes,  Nae, Fred Perry, and Green Life ecological fashion (to name a few.)


The Third estate believe that the best approach to lessen environmental impact is to buy items from companies you trust. Their clothing is made using a range of ethical materials such as:

  • Bamboo: This fast growing plant thrives naturally, needs very little water and doesn’t require pesticides. It also yields ten times that of a cotton crop.
  • Cork: Cork can be harvested from Oaks trees without killing them and once harvested, the bark regenerates. The Third Estate uses cork in some of their vegan handbags, shoes and accessories.
  • Hemp: Hemp grows even in poor soil and yield 3-4 times more than other textile crops. Its also a stronger material than cotton and is processed without chemicals.
  • Microfiber: this is used to make faux-leather and faux-suede. Microfiber is a lightweight, durable and breathable substance that not only looks great, but is sort to touch and a fantastic alternative to leather.
  • Recycled products: The Third Estate’s vegan clothing range use a range of recycled materials such as recycled rubber, plastics and upcycled materials. Upcycled materials are ones that are reused from landfills and used in innovative ways to give them new life.

Be sure to support The Third Estate, come on down to their Camden store, or purchase their vegan product range online.

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