Leafy Souls was founded with a very simple vision, to bring morality back to humanity. They aim to create a compassionate and sustainable future, by providing the public with vegan fashion that’s cruelty-free and ethical.


Both the founders at Leafy Souls are vegan and strongly agree with the concept of kindness and compassion over convenience and tradition. They work with very talented, ethical designers who create a range of fabulous designs for hoodies, t-shirts, shoes and more.


Although their head office is based in Singapore, they ship their products worldwide across the US, Europe, the UK and Africa. This, however, means that sometimes there is a delay in delivery, but never fear your order will arrive safe and sound!


Leafy Souls produce a stunning range of fashion and accessories, including men and women’s hoodies, t-shirts, belts, shoes, vegan bags, backpacks and more. Just visit their website to see their stunning range of vegan and cruelty-free fashion.


You can also buy more unusual items on their website, such as tapestries of various designs, harmonicas, vintage style bags, aromatherapy oils, diffusers and even handmade flutes.

All Leafy Souls products can be purchased online, but they do keep set office hours during the week from 08H00-18H00 Monday to Friday, and 09H00-17H00 on Saturday.


What’s more, Leafy Souls donate a portion of their profits to two animal sanctuaries, Animal Place in California, and Eldringshof in Germany. Both of these sanctuaries help and rehabilitate animals that have fallen victim to the animal agriculture industry.


By supporting Leafy Souls, not only do you score some great vegan fashion items, but help to eradicate animal suffering by supporting vegan, ethical businesses.

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